The 20th International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis

*Archipelago* We invite you to the 20th International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis which will be held Sunday through Wednesday, June 14-17, 2009 at Skepparholmen conference facility in the inner archipelago near Stockholm city centre, Sweden. The workshop will be hosted by the Department of Electrical Engineering, Linköping University, Sweden.

The International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis is an annual event that started in 1989 rooted in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) community. Papers presented at the workshop cover a variety of theories, principles, and computational techniques for diagnosis, monitoring, testing, reconfiguration, fault-adaptive control, and repair of complex systems. Applications of these theories, principles, and techniques to industry-related disciplines and other real-world problems are also important topics of the workshop.

*Sunset* Like the previous workshops in this series, DX-09 encourages the interactions and the exchange of theories, techniques, applications, and experiences amongst researchers and practitioners from different backgrounds: Artificial Intelligence, Control Theory, Systems Engineering, Software Engineering and other related areas, who share an interest in different aspects of diagnosis, and the related fields of testing, reconfiguration, maintenance, prognosis, and fault-adaptive control. Thus, we encourage researchers from the different research communities to participate in the event. See the description of the scientific scope of the conference and the call for papers for further information.