Diagnostic Competion

Part of the workhop program will be devoted to the Diagnostic Competion (DXC), where winners and contributions to the competition will be discussed.

The Diagnostic Competition is defined by NASA Ames Research Center and PARC and is the first international competition that is hosted at the International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis (DX). It is proposed that this will continue with forthcoming DX events. The objectives of the competition are to accelerate research in theories, principles, and computational techniques for monitoring and diagnosis of complex systems, to encourage the development of software platforms that promise more rapid, accessible, and effective maturation of diagnostic technologies, and to provide a forum that can be utilized by algorithm developers to test and validate their technologies. The overall goal of this competition is to systematically evaluate different diagnostic technologies and to produce comparable performance assessments for different diagnostic methods.

For more information, posters, and announcments, see the diagnostic competition website at http://www.dx-competition.org/.