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Computer Handbook for ISY & MAI, an Introduction

This page introduces the computer system on two departments at Linköping University: the Department of Electrical Engineering (ISY) and the Department of Mathematics (MAI).

These two departments share their computer system for students wich means that the same account is used to log into both the departments student computers. UNIX is the operating system that is used on the computers.

Gnome is the default desktop on the Linux system in the ISY computer laboratories.

CDE - the Common Desktop Environment - is the standard desktop used in the Sun Solaris system. CDE is a desktop for UNIX providing services for users.

The computer laboratories belonging to ISY are Egypten, Asgård, Southfork, and Olympen.
Sjösystemet (Roxen, Boren, Hunn and Glan) belongs to MAI.

These pages will help you to know the system and learn how to use it, as well as where to report software problems or other problems.
If you have any problems you can't find in these pages, Please tell us!
You can also take a look at our frequently asked questions page if you have any question.