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CDE - Common Desktop Environment, applications

Desktop Tools

You can start the following desktop tools from the Front Panel (as long as you don't reconfigure the Front Panel):

  • Application Manager Application Manager - A container for applications and other tools available on your system.
  • Calendar Calendar - An application that you use to schedule appointments and work with items, set reminders, browse other calendars and schedule group appointments etc.
  • File Manager File Manager - A desktop application where you can create, find, and use workspace objects like files, folders and applications. It helps you to use the file system.
  • Icon Editor Icon Editor - A tool to create image files for use as icons or backdrops.
  • Image Viewer Image Viewer - A tool to view, edit, print, and translate the file formats, like PostScript files and multiple-page documents.
  • KursTool KursTool - An ISY application.
  • Mailer Mailer - A tool to send, receive and manage electronic mail (email) messages.
  • Online help Online help - A help information system that you use to browse for information.
  • Style Manager Style Manager - A tool for the desktop: to change colours, backdrop, and font size.
  • Terminal Terminal - A window where you can write and execute operating system commands, start applications manually etc.
  • Editor Text Editor - An editor to create and revise documents, such as memos, mail messages, reports or resource files.
  • Workspace menus - A menu that contains items to manage the desktop workspace.