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This is an application for sending, receiving and managing electronic mails.


A small guide for using the Mailer:

  • 1. Opening the Mailer.

    You need to double click the Mailer icon in the Front Panel.

  • 2. Reading E-mail.

    When you open the mailbox, it will automaticly show you the e-mail. You will see the sender, subject of the e-mail, the time you recieved the e-mail and the size of it. In the lower part of the window you'll see the contents of the e-mail. If the mailbox is empty the reason can be either, you haven't got any e-mail or you need to reconfigure your Mailer e.g "tell" the mailer that your mailaccount is at

  • 3. Replying an E-mail.

    To reply, you just need to click "Reply to sender". A Compose window is displayed with the email address of the recipient and the message subject filled in, compose your reply. When you are ready, click "send" and the window closes and your messages sent.

  • 4. Sending a new message.

    Choose "New Message" from the "Compose" menu. A new Mail window (New Message) will appear again. You need to write the e-mail address of the recipient in the To field, and a subject of your E-mail (this is optional) in the Subject field. Then compose your message. When you are ready, click "send" and the window closes and your messages sent.


The Mailer icon will change when you have received one or several new mails. There are actually three shapes of the Mailer icon: No mails at all (showing an empty mailbox), mail (already read) and new mail.