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Frequently asked questions

How do I get an account?

First of all you have to be registrated on an ISY or MAI course. Then you have to sign a page with the University rules. You obtain your login name and the password from the Student Reception Desk (link in Swedish) in house Zenit, once you sign the paper with the rules. At the same time you get your mail account. Then if everything works as it should (which it usually does) you will have an account within 24 hours.

I have already a mail account but no account at ISY or MAI?

Check once again if you are registrated at an ISY or MAI course. If you are, then use your Studentportalen loginname and password. Passwordchanges in Stundentportalen ( will be accomplished within 24 hours at ISY/MAI.

I have forgotten my password!!!

Change your password in Studentportalen ( and you'll have the new password at ISY/MAI the next day. If you are in a hurry, try to find one of the system administrators and ask kindly if you can change your password. You will need proof of identity (e.g. a driving license).

Can you clean up my account?

No, we cannot clean your account just by you sending us an e-mail. Take a look on this page about disk utilization to solve the problem yourself.

One of the computers in a lab doesn't work! Will it work tomorrow?

Send a mail to and tell them which computer is faulty.

Why do I need to send a mail that the computer doesn't work??

Well, if you don't tell us, the problem cannot be fixed!!

If there is something wrong with the software. What shall I do??

Send a mail to

I can't find my favourite software. Can I have it installed??

Send a mail to and ask them kindly to help you. And may be, if you are lucky, it will be installed.

I'm connected to the Internet and want to do some of my work from home. Which computer can I log in to?

Use You have to use SSH.

How can I use mail?

Use POP or IMAP towards studentmail.

How do I shutdown the computer when the laboration is finished?

Do not shut down the computers as they shall always be running.

Where can I find documentation about the computers?

You can find plenty of information if you search the internet, e.g

How can I see how much diskspace I'm using?

Type the command 'du -ksh' in your home directory. The number you get is the total amount of disk space you are using (in kB). If you type 'du -kh', you'll get a list of disk usage for all files and directories in current directory.

To get a Top-9-List (yes top nine not ten) of most used space in the current directory type
In Solaris: 'gdu -smc * .??* | sort -nr | head'
In Linux: 'du -smc * .??* | sort -nr | head'

I'm running matlab, how do I get rid of the GUI?

Start matlab with the flag -nodesktop or -nojvm.

Printout system

Since 2011-01-17 ISY and MAI uses the LiU printout system.
NOTE: The system has little or no feedback so if no printout is made it may be due to lack of credits.

Information on the printout system may be found at