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Thesis writing at ISY

Instructions for Master Theses at ISY:

Instructions for the Master Thesis student
Checklist for the Master Thesis student
Electronic Press
Instructions for the opponent
Attending theses presentations

Other important links:

Current presentations of theses at LiTH
Current presentations of theses at ISY
Search for older Theses
Electronic Press database 
Study guide
Electronic Publishing agreement

When you have an idea for your Master Thesis or have found an interesting Master thesis proposal, then contact a suitable examiner within the area or one of the Directors of Studies to discuss the topic.

Here are the divisions of the Department of Electrical Engineering (ISY) and their suggested of Master Theses topics:

Automatic Control
Communication Systems
Computer Engineering
Computer Vision Laboratory
Electronic Devices
Electronics Systems
Information Coding
Vehiclar Systems


If you have any questions please e-mail the ISY's Master's Thesis administrator at or visit ISY´s Student Office.